100% purified mineral water now at your fingertips!!!

We have made a conscious decision to extend our expertise in the mobile space by offering an easy to use mobile water ordering app. First, of a kind in the industry, this is the perfect tool for those looking for affordable purified water solutions. If purity is what you are looking for while ordering the 20-litre water jar from home, then we suggest you get in touch with us through the app.
Mobile apps boost top of the mind recall and we get a more discerning set of consumers who are ready to pay for the good things in life. This is just another attempt to get closer to customers and be on their smartphone screens so that they do not have to go to any other drinking water supplier. Water ordering mobile app was conceived by our top management and developed through with the help of highly seasoned consultants in order to take advantage of the growing smartphone penetration in the country. .

20-litre water delivery from home now made easy

Now with the Mineral Water Ordering and delivery Mobile App ready, all we need to do is to add more locations and cities and include them in the app. The day is not for when we will have a pan-India footprint. Though in the immediate future, we intend to concentrate on the Delhi- NCR market and do not want to make the mistake of having a thin presence over a vast territory

We intend to have a strong doorstep delivery network that ensures online Water Ordering and Delivery within a short time span of the customers placing a request. Even though delivery is dependent on extraneous factors but still we intend to improve our delivery capabilities to such an extent that customers get water bottles in less than an hour even during early morning or late-night hours.

Insights gained from developing the app

Serving customers round the clock is what excellence is all about and shows the pathway to super profits. Even affluent but non-English speaking technologically literate users in the rural hinterland of Sasni have adapted well to mobile apps.

We have constructed the app in such a way that the user interface can be operated both by a 5-year-old and 80 years old. Plenty of user experience tests were conducted to debug and fix problems before the app was released on the app store.

At present Android users can benefit from this mobile ordering app but in future iPhone, windows mobile operating system users can also download the app and take advantage of the functionalities offered. Backing the app is a strong offline delivery and customer relationship management infrastructure that takes care of every need of the customer.

Everyone desires purified tasty mineral water delivered to their doorstep as and when they need it. But we have made it a reality for the residents of Sasni, Hathras, New and other cities in the vicinity. They trust our expertise and know that we can deliver when it matters.