drinking water supplier in hathras.

Transforming the drinking water landscape in National Capital Region!

Right from inception, our aim has been to emerge as the numero uno mineral water supplier in hathras. As a commodity, mineral water is in high demand and the demand pull is so strong that drinking water suppliers find it hard to keep up with escalating demand; especially in summers. We offer mineral water solutions at various price points starting from individual use disposable mineral water cups to 20 Liter Water Bottle and in the process our name has become synonymous as 20 Liter Water Bottle Supplier in Hathras. We cater to individuals, businesses, airlines, railways, bus depots, food service establishments, star class hotels through an extensive manpower network that operates through retail outlets and ensures timely doorstep delivery of mineral water bottle in Hathras.

How we work?

Our experience shows that 20% of our most satisfied customers offer 80% of the business and we do our best to ensure that this segment of users gets the best rates for ordering regularly. What makes us different from others in the speed and quality of service delivery that is far superior than any other drinking water supplier in hathras. Our gargantuan storage ability offers us a distinct advantage as we can handle sudden spikes in demand due to any event or contingency occurring in the areas we operate which are hathras, sasni, old and new Gurgaon. Some retail operators order in bulk from us and deliver in interior regions of Haryana; thereby extending our footprint and brand equity.

How we calculate demand?

As per the data released by google.com, India's mineral water consumption is quite low at 5 litres a year per person as compared to the global average of 29 liters per person per year. As per the census 2011 data, population in hathras is around 1.5 lakhs and is growing at the rate of 17.1% every year and is expected to cross the 1.7 lakh mark this year. Major regions from where most orders come from in hathras include

Girraj Colony
(Labour colony
Vasundhara Puram)
(Vasundhara Enclave)
(Aligarh Road)
(Nehru Colony)
(Kila Gate)
Khanda ki Gadi

Our focus areas

Inventory management is key to our business as most of these 20-litre water bottles have a maximum shelf life of three months. Beyond this time limit, we discard all old stock as we know that customers want refreshingly fresh and tasty mineral water. Every drop of chilled mineral water is like nectar for tired executives who are always on the move, especially in the punishing hot summers of North India. Predicting demand and ordering just the right amount of 20-litre mineral water bottles and delivering them on time has been the key reason for our success and established us as the number one drinking water supplier in hathras. Of course, we take care to bill our customers on time so that we can also pay our vendors on time and retain our brand equity amongst both internal and external stakeholders.